About Terra Verde Resort HOA

Terra Verde Resort is a vacation rental community made up of 363 units with a mix of 155 single-family homes and 208 townhomes, sprawling over 90 acres of palm trees, tropical plants, lakes and ample amenities.

The resort was built to cater to the needs and wants of vacationers eager to relax and enjoy Central Florida. The vast majority of homes in Terra Verde Resort are owned as investment or vacation homes, however some owners live on-site year round. There is a cap of 25% on the number of homes which can be owner-occupied, so when considering purchasing a home on the resort as your primary residence, it's advisable to contact to our general manager prior to writing an offer.   

Terra Verde Resort is governed by 3 homeowner associations (HOAs), each with their own boards of volunteer homeowners. Every owner on Terra Verde is automatically a member of the Master Association, who are responsible for all common and shared resort assets and issues. Additionally, all single-family home owners are members of the Manors Association and all townhome owners are members of the Villas Association.

The 3 associations levy separate fee assessments. On purchase, all new owners are also required to pay an initiation fee to each association they become members of. You can view the current assessments and initiation fees here - Assessments and Initiation Fees. 

On a day-to-day basis, the resort is cared for by a full team of professional staff who are based at the clubhouse office with Extreme Management contracted to provide Licensed Community Association Management (LCAM) services to our resort.

(Please note the Homeowners Manual is currently under review to update HOA assessment payment information. Please refer to Assessment pages or the 'Pay HOA Dues' heading below for current details on how to pay HOA dues - August 2022 )